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A Sindhi Punjabi Cocktail | Sonam & Ashish

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Sonam and Ashish got married in grand Venetian farms, New Delhi in December 2k18. One of the Sweetest wedding we have ever covered. There was lot of happiness, lot of hooting...and so much love all around. The moment , when she got iPhone X from him, we can't express that feeling in words. Both families had a blast and we had a fantastic time being a part of it, we hope you guys to enjoy and feel the same.

Well... well...well.. it's great pleasure for us to be a part of this pre - wedding film of our newlywed Sonam & Ashish. But the bride itself suggest us to call them " SONASH ". They are not only such a sweet couple, but also very fun and easy going ! We met them only a few weeks before shooting and we were sure that we would make something great just because of their pure chemistry. we had so much fun during the pre-wedding film shoot and also on their wedding day.

Watch Full Film :


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