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वो एहसास वो मेरा पहला प्यार हो तुम मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब मेरे गुलज़ार हो तुम ...

So This wedding was full of eclectic rituals, tonnes of preparation, lovely people, bonhomie and fun make up these gala affairs that sometimes stretch up for days. This Film is made in such a way to relive those amazing moments. it's all Started with a clearly peaceful Mehendi ceremony, she was very clear about her Mehendi design, having facebook and insta logos as Parinda's Story was started from their only. Then Haldi, We are not sure about how much peaceful that was.


In the Evening, Parul's and Govinda's Engagement party was celebrated at Radiance motel. They exchanged the rings. You could see clearly the happiness not just on their faces, but also on the faces of everyone that surrounded them. Jump to Scene at 20:43

This evening was an absolute blast. Everything Parul and Sunny dreamt of and planned for their wedding become reality. Especially the Parinda's Dance show, and Their performance of course. Jump to the Performances 26:10


How can We forget about Parinda's Wedding outfits, A perfect combination of the enchanting medley of culture, colors, emotions. 16:39 Then the next day arrived. it's Started with Geneu Ceremony of Parul's Brothers, A must watch what they said about her only sister, It's truly pure Love.


As Parul was got ready in time, Govinda decided to make her wait by having an almost 4 hours long Baraat of his own. yes, you read that right, They reached the hall approx. by 1:00 pm. And then finally happened. The Varmala Ceremony. The right here is why we love what we do. Imagine having a job where you have the honor of not only witnessing among the happiest moments in the lives of such amazing people but also being entrusted to document it for them, Thankyou Honiesh for writing such wonderful vows for them. A Must watch Segment of the Film 1:16:12


And don't forget to watch a Breathtaking Shoot from Masoories 1:05:06 Govinda's friends managed to got his back, Piku, one of Govinda's friend managed to wear saree for the wedding instead of Lehenga for hiding Govinda's Shoes from Chandwaani's family. Parul and Govinda's Wedding concluded with the White Dove, which truly justifies their wedding and in many terms as symbols of love and Peace for forever. 1:21:07


Well said by our favorite Gulzar,

उड़ के जाते हुए पंछी ने बस इतना ही देखा,

देर तक हाथ हिलाती रही वो शाख फ़िज़ा में

अलविदा कहने को या पास बुलाने को ....


Truly defines Parul's Mother's euphoric emotion of eternal love for her daughter. Obviously the Games, where both of them competed to find their engagement ring that was hidden in a big bowl full of milk and rose petals, at the same time the spectators were clearly invested in the result.


Well, thank you for this incredible journey, Parul and Sunny.

Film Credits

Star Cast – Govinda Wadhwa & Parul Chandwaani

Cinematographers - Ashish Kumar, Prashant Gautam

Portray - Based on a True Story

Choreographer - Yatika Karamchandani

Producers – Reena Wadhwa & Kanhiya lal Wadhwa

Co-Producers - Uma Chandwaani & Jai Kishan Chandwaani

Special Thanks - Kanchan kalra, Siddhartha kalra, Saurish Kalra, Rishabh Chandwaani

Film Editors - Ashish K., Vatsal Goswami

Wedding Vows Written by - Honeish batra

Photographers: Mayank Lehri, Ritesh Rai, Vishaal Giri, O.P. Shukla Music - Copyright to their respective owners

Costume - ClothBook, Navya Collections

Makeup Artist - Aish and Shreya Makeovers

Special Thanks- The Himalaya Castle Authority, Masoorie _______________________________________________________


Wortham Studios production | _______________________________________________________

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