This is Very Very Super Special.
Not only in Rumani's life but the whole family's. They took us on an incredible voyage of memories all the way from many years ago when she was born till today. Believe or not, shooting is still on.


You remember her from Amruh Wedding. She is Ruhani's younger sister. We knew from the start that no matter how hard we try we can never justify her story in a teaser or trailer, even in a Wedding Film. And that's how comes the idea of making cinematic wedding episodes.


This is how India's first web series born, based on a Real Wedding of
Rumani & Hari. We feel blessed and inspired to have been given a chance to spend time with some of the warmest people specially Mrs. Renu TomarRuhani SinghAmardeep Singh our friends Rounaq TomarSheelvardhan Tomar and to witness an extraordinary tale of her life.


P. S. - First teaser realease of Harum and Stay Scrolling!

Star Cast – Rumani Singh & Hari Singh Chaudhary

Shot & Edited by - Ashish Kumar

Film Portray - Based on a true Story

Photography - Mayank Lehri

Produced By – Renu Tomar